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This product provides a pre-built configuration tailored towards Cloud Foundry integration, with common dependencies, languages, and packages already installed.

Upgrades to newer versions, which include new versions of Cloud Bees, dependencies, and new features are seamless to install.

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Upon a successful build, you can deploy applications to Cloud Foundry with a blue-green deployment strategy using the integrated CLI plugin and credentials store.

Key features of the product are: A 15-day trial license is created when the product is installed.

You can utilize the same build packs for Ruby & Node JS as the runtime to run your tests, create and bind to PCF service instances for integration testing.

Cloud Bees Jenkins Platform integrates with Cloud Foundry User Account and Authentication (UAA) to provide single sign-on functionality for users and a seamless platform experience that segregates builds by user and space for isolation and security.

This needs to be replaced with your enterprise license, which should be acquired directly from Cloud Bees.

You can update the enterprise license in the Jenkins Manage Jenkins section if logged in as the UAA Admin user.Cloud Bees Jenkins Platform can be deployed to and managed by your Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) environment.Deployment is automated: the topology and resourcing requirements of your setup can be changed in Ops Manager to suit your needs.If you are accessing Jenkins from a machine without internet access, you will need provide a valid license. Upon a trial license expiring after 15 days, you will be presented with the Register Jenkins page where you can enter your updated license details if you have not already done so ahead of the expiration.The operator’s machine that is accessing the Jenkins setup page, requires an internet connection to facilitate obtaining the trial license.If you are accessing Jenkins from a machine with internet access, a trial license will be automatically retrieved on the Register Jenkins page.