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This Type's Full Throttle finisher is the Zero Drop is Protodrive's concept sports car-based form, which is accessed through the Shift Speed Prototype Car.

Being the actual first prototype version of the current Drive's Type Speed, it is aesthetically identical albeit without the spoiler piece on his head, bearing the Tester Met, which is an incomplete version of the Type Speed Tire showing lots of circuitry as a sign of the incomplete state the Rider Form was in.

When Imitation Drive robbed the Max Flare Tire in Type HIGH SPEED! In the case of an incompatible user, such as Kiriko, attempting to access the Drive System, a transformation into the tire-less Kamen Rider Drive is briefly achieved.

Following his encounter against the Heart Roidmude, Protodrive was defeated and separated from Krim Steinbelt, who would later complete Protodrive, becoming the finalized Drive Type Speed.

Protodrive's legacy carries on as the combat data based on Protodrive's encounters with the Roidmude during the Global Freeze would be used to create Mashin Chaser.

Zerodrive is the first functioning model of the Drive System and as such, its statistics and functionality is severely limited due to the fact that Krim Steinbelt has yet to even create a functioning Shift Car to work with the system.

Despite these setbacks, Shinnosuke is able to use Zerodrive due to his experience and long term usage of the Drive Driver.

Later, a piece of Mashin Chaser is later used to create the Signal Chaser Bike, creating Kamen Rider Chaser, effectively making it the spiritual successor of Protodrive.The Prototype Shift Speed Car later returns into the hands of Chase once more after becoming a Kamen Rider, allowing him to activate a Tire Exchange using his original companion when in need of accelerated speed as Kamen Rider Chaser. These two types of Shift Cars can be used in conjunction with each other, but some Shift Tires can only work with certain Types.After turning the Advanced Ignition on the Drive Driver, Drive can perform one of two actions in each Type: Lifting the Shift Car placed within the Shift Brace between one and three times initiates either a special ability or an attack, while pressing the Igniter on the Shift Brace and lifting the Shift Car once unleashes the Type's Full Throttle is Zerodrive's concept sports car-based form, which is accessed through the present-time Speed Prototype Shift Car. It is aesthetically similar to the completed Type Speed, but with its colors inverted and bears the Archetype Gear.The Rider System is also empowered by the Core Driviar-0, the prototype of the Core Driviars and is highly unstable, with the output of the Rider system varying and becoming hard to control. However, this ability was originally a part of Protodrive's Roidmude abilities.The only defect of Protodrive is that he lacks the ability to destroy Cores because of his status being a prototype, as well as the inability to use a Tire Exchange.