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With currently 1300 students enrolled in computer science degree programmes and a scientific staff of 17 professors and 44 lecturers, the University provides an attractive environment for your studies, based upon a close cooperation of students and teaching staff.

Choosing to study in Paderborn enables you to learn about and maybe even take part in the most recent thrilling developments in computer science.

After graduation, our students use these fundamentals as an orientation point when they embark on pursuing successful careers as computer scientists in economic or scientific fields, and throughout their whole professional life.

The entire studies program is focused on helping students reach this overall goal.

Our academic programs do not just transmit knowledge on currently significant topics.

Instead, they train students in theoretically substantiated fundamental concepts and methods that go above and beyond current trends.

With our Master's programme you will acquire skills which will be highly valued in industry.

This is why we teach the fundamental concepts in cross-section courses that illustrate the relationships between the subject areas, why we furnish our students with sound knowledge in mathematical concepts, and why we provide modules that expand and deepen their knowledge in a specific field.With a Master's degree in computer science you will have excellent career prospects.Computer scientist work in areas as diverse as embedded systems,medicine or multimedia.Team-oriented work with partners from all over the world is a characteristic of today's computer science jobs.You are interested in undertaking a Masters course in computer science?We offer an excellent Masters programme in computer science in a world-leading research institute.