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The persona he has created is entirely convincing; a guileless, jolly, owlish chap - with the entertaining spin of a sharp mind.

Under pressure, the Pickwickian expostulations get more Dickensian, the "Who sir, me sir?

This is a psychological condition with dark consequences for the individual and those around them.The stage set is real; sex with others when you've made serious promises to do otherwise, is not entertainment but a potentially life-shattering cataclysm. "Obsessional thrill seeking - when you can't be without it - falls into the category of perversion," says Martha Stevns, a Cambridge Jungian psychoanalyst.' schoolboy winsomeness waxes more wide-eyed: the efforts to convince the world grow more theatrical - there to convince us that we're dealing with no more than Billy Bunter caught scoffing at the tuck box.But like so many men - and women - time and again drawn to infidelity, the colourful charade cloaks the stark reality. It's hard to repress a smile at the image of the hunted, hunched bulky figure throwing a leg over his bike and pedalling off into the afternoon.

In a conformist world he bumbles amusingly in a comic counterpoint to the cool chic of styled modern men.

" I have always been like this; it is very stimulating for me to pursue women. I give women what they want and that is concentrated passion.

"The individual is constantly looking for fulfilment but the contact they desire never happens. When behaviour is repeated it moves from the normal into the realm of compulsion - like a shoe fetish or any other prop.

It is tragic and sad." Not that the players themselves see it this way.

Caught on camera last weekend, the notorious blond mop escaping from beneath a burglar's beanie, we saw him leaving his new flame's flat. He may be a father of four, and a shadow cabinet minister, but, hey, he's good fun. He's his own person and if that means a brief extracurricular consultation with a Times Education al Supplement journalist, well, we hesitate to condemn him.

Far from chastened by last year's public expulsion from Michael Howard's shadow cabinet over similar sexual indiscretions, he was clearly deep into another affair. Boris Johnson, like so many serial philanderers, is possessed of transcendent charm.